Sally Seal-1

AI is a cat animatronic.Who is Neko's CounterPart and younger sister as you can see below is 18 years old and wears a different outfit then the original Neko.

Looking For Her Counterparts?

Neko The Cat

Golden Neko

Toy Neko
Sally Seal-1
Toy Neko Pictured Above
Vital statistics
Position Singer
Age 10 When stuffed Programmed to be 18
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Same height as Neko
Weight 130 KB
infobox character
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  | image         = [e.g. "Example.jpg"]
  | imagewidth    = [e.g. "150"] [default: 210 pixels]
  | imagecaption  = 
  | position      =
  | age           =
  | status        =
  | height        =
  | weight        =

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